When you buy CBD be sure to look for the Certificate of Analysis

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We’ve come a long way in three years. A Nevada lab that tested 37 CBD products found that 27 of them – 73% – accurately reflected what was on the label. That’s a big improvement from three years ago when JAMA reported basically the opposite – that 69% of the products they tested were not labeled accurately.

The Nevada study says the more accurate products were generally made by well-known, reputable brands such as CBDPure, CBDistillery, Green Gorilla, Naturals, CBDistillery, cbdMD, CBDfx, and Green Roads.

On the other hand, a company called CalyFX said its tincture contained 1000 mg of CBD, whereas it actually had 62 mg, a mere 6% of what was claimed.

There’s one big takeaway from the Nevada study: Never buy a CBD product that doesn’t come with a Certificate of Analysis that was prepared by an independent lab – a group not associated with the people selling the CBD:

We urge anyone interested in buying CBD oil or other CBD products to only purchase from brands that provide independent third-party lab test results … results should clearly list the CBD amount so you can confirm that the product contains exactly what is written on the label.


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