NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis says CBD works for him and “a lot of players”

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“After the game you’re beat up and I just couldn’t find something that I was looking for to get rid of the pain and try and feel normal again,” said former Bronco running back Terrell Davis to CNBC, below. Until he found cannabidiol (CBD), that is.

And he got a bonus: “Something I didn’t expect is it helped w my migraines. I was actually on migraine medication using Naprosyn 2x day as a preventative … And for a year and a half now I’ve had one migraine and I didn’t have the full-blown migraine.” (This is very real. Those that follow football will remember his infamous 1998 Super Bowl appearance where he told his coach his migraine was so bad that he literally couldn’t see.)

Davis goes on to say that in addition to pain management, he thinks CBD helps with inflammation, sleep and relaxation.

And he’s not alone. “I’ve talked to a lot of players,” he said. “Players have been using CBD for many, many, years …  So there’s a huge community of people who believe in this.”

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