How do scientists ensure that the CBD oil they use in their research is high-quality? They have 4 rules

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Scientists at Penn State needed high-quality CBD oil for their cancer research. Aware of the labeling problem – “studies … have shown marked differences between the actual composition of CBD oil and what is stated on the label” – they explained how they source a reliable product:

Efforts were made to select high-quality oils for this study. Oils were selected based upon the following criteria:

(1) unflavored oils to avoid added chemicals

(2) the company provided third party analysis of composition

(3) the company tracked lot numbers

(4) the company was highly reviewed by independent online sources

Of the four rules, the second one is the most important. As they say in their paper, “Oils for this study were specifically selected because the companies provided third party verification of their content.”

Verifying content is something we can do as well – by asking for a Certificate of Analysis. It’s a crucial topic and further information can be found in the articles below which explore the various issues that have given rise to the need for COAs.

The Penn State research contained another interesting fact – CBD carried in hemp oil performed better than CBD in coconut oil. It was a small sample, only 3 oils were used, but CBD carried in pure hemp oil was found to be “more potent” than CBD carried in coconut oil (also called medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil, a common carrier oil that you’ll find at cannabis stores).

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