“This plant literally saved my life”: Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace is leading a charge in the House to legalize cannabis

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You may be surprised to learn who’s in favor of legalizing cannabis these days. Exhibit A: South Carolina’s Rep. Nancy Mace, the daughter of a retired Army General, the first woman to graduate – magna cum laude, no less – from the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, and who co-led a Congressional hearing this month that received testimony from a number of expert witnesses, all of whom supported federal legalization.

Interestingly, she told Fox News that although she represents a solidly conservative state, its constituents also favor reform:

And I’ll tell you I represent a very Purple swing district in South Carolina. But my state overall is very conservative and very Red. The entire state of SC, if you were to poll its residents today, they support cannabis reforms . . . They really love medical cannabis and in my district, my swing district, it goes even further where the vast majority of residents support adult use.

But it’s more than that for Nancy Mace – it’s also personal. In her opening statement at the Nov 15th hearing, she told the audience of her experience as a rape victim and how it was cannabis that got her through its aftermath – a dangerous time dealing with trauma and depression, as we can see by her post-hearing tweet:

It’s also the personal side of life that appears to be driving President Biden’s opposition to legalization. In a revealing interview with NBC News earlier this year, Orlando attorney and Biden fundraiser John Morgan told us why he thinks the President won’t back reform: Because he’s “suffered unimaginable pain” over family members who’ve fallen prey to alcoholism and drug abuse, including his son Hunter Biden:

I talked to Joe about this personally, and he just won’t do it. Joe Biden doesn’t understand marijuana … Joe has so much drug abuse in his own family that in his mind it’s a no-go. The older you get, the less people understand what marijuana is all about. To them, it’s all the same – marijuana, heroin, LSD.

Which is understandable, but until Joe Biden is prepared to sign a bill legalizing cannabis he will let stand one of the most pernicious laws in modern American history.

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