Pandemic Stress: “You can’t drink beer all the time,” so people are turning to CBD. Here’s what they say

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Kacie Fann, a mother of 3, tells CBC News that when the pandemic first hit and she had to homeschool her kids she didn’t think she would make it: “I started having severe anxiety attacks because I was so overwhelmed with the news and . . . people getting sick and worried about getting sick and my anxiety shot through the roof.” 

Then a friend told her about CBD oil. She put it in her tea or coffee or under her tongue and:

I would say within the first week my nerves started to calm down and I was able to just think and come up with a plan of how I was going to do this, how I was going to manage.

I definitely was surprised by how CBD helped. And it tremendously helped relieve me of my anxiety during this time.

In fact, Fann says it reduced her stress more than anything she’s tried, including exercise and meditation.

Articling lawyer Guedes de Andrade agrees and adds an important nuance. His pandemic-induced stress was hurting his work performance. In the fast-paced professional life of a young lawyer you either keep up or you’ll be gone. And once he began vaping CBD he says his reduction in stress was immediate and huge:

The anxiety has reduced I would say like 95%. It’s like a complete difference, like day and night to me. It works in a matter of a few seconds and it’s been very helpful.

It’s like, I’m able to be functional and excited to be doing my work.

These aren’t one-off reports as the most extensive literature review to date supports their experiences.

The authors begin by noting an increase in medical cannabis use in general and say pain management, anxiety, and depression are the main reasons people are turning to it. With respect to CBD in particular, they conclude that “The overall pattern of human clinical data supports . . . CBD [as having] a consistent anxiolytic [anxiety reducing] effect.

And that’s a good thing. As someone mentioned in the CBC report, “You know, you can’t drink beer all the time, and I need something to kind of get through this period.”

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