CBD-infused mouthwash kills disease-causing oral bacteria as well as or better than dentistry’s current ‘gold standard’

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CBD-infused mouthwash is “equivalent to or better than” dentistry’s ‘gold standard’ mouthwash at killing pathogenic bacteria on teeth and gums, and it comes without the teeth-staining side effects of the industry standard, according to a recent peer-reviewed study by Belgium scientists.

Researchers put four compounds up against the dental industry’s so-called gold standard mouthwash (because it contains a compound called chlorhexidine (CHX)) and asked the question: Which of the five did the best job of killing the bacteria in our mouth that cause tooth and gum disease?

Answer: the CBD-infused mouthwash tied with another cannabinoid MW, cannabigerol (CBG), followed by the CHX MW, and way behind were two of the most common over the counter MWs which had essentially no effect on the germs.

Importantly, not only does CBD perform as good or better (and sometimes “way better”) than CHX, it comes without CHX’s side effects of teeth-staining, and calcium buildup which can cause tooth decay.

Alcohol and fluorides have long been touted as active ingredients in MW that fight oral bacteria. Yet these were precisely the ingredients tested in the two most popular OTC brands – and they had no germ killing effect. And, the researchers point out, fluoride comes with a downside: it erodes dentin, a major layer of tissue underneath the tooth enamel.

Finally, there’s a bigger picture here. If CBD kills pathogenic bacteria colonizing our teeth and gums, wouldn’t it also kill bad bugs elsewhere in or on our body? Indeed yes, as the researchers note:

In addition, the antibacterial properties of . . . cannabinoids are also being reported . . . including antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) . . . In addition, a recent study reported that CBD . . . enhance[s] the efficiency of bactericidal activity of antibiotics on both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.


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